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M-News Edition 26
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M-News - the Maintenance Newsletter

Edition 26, June 2002


In this edition...
Feature Article - The Path Forward to a Profit-Centered Maintenance Operation
Feature Article - Administration and Training: Keys to CMMS Implementation Success
Feature Article - Process Reliability and Six-Sigma
Feature Article - Tough Choices
Survey Results - Condition Monitoring and NDT Practices
Current Survey - TPM Implementation
Recommended Books
On the Lighter Side - Engineering Humor

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Feature Article - The Path Forward to a Profit-Centered Maintenance Operation

This article is the fourth in a series of five offered by Pete Peeters of the Maintenance Excellence Institute which presents a strategic approach to Maintenance and Reliability Improvement. An introduction to the entire series can be read at The first article was featured in Edition 23 of this newsletter, the second article, titled "The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence" was featured in Edition 24. The third article entitled "Developing Your CMMS/EAM as a True Maintenance Business Management System" was featured in Edition 25.

This article defines three key elements that help turn improvement opportunities into visible profit-centered results. These elements all contribute directly to profit optimization and include how to:

  1. Determine and quantify benefits and savings
  2. Improve craft productivity, the most valuable resource
  3. Define a path forward strategy to implement improvement opportunities

The full article can be read at Note that you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed to be able to view this file. We will be featuring the final article in this series in the next issue of this newsletter, but if, in the meantime, you would like to receive the entire series, we would suggest that you contact Pete Peeters via email at

Feature Article - Administration and Training: Keys to CMMS Implementation Success

This article by Christopher N. Winston of HSB Reliability Technologies, was recently published in Maintenance Technology magazine. Although there are many important factors leading to successful implementation, this article discusses two that work well in manufacturing and facility operations: administration and training. These are two areas that often do not garner commitment of necessary resources for the on-going upkeep of the maintenance system. In other words, proper training and administration are the preventive maintenance for the CMMS/EAM system.

This article is available at

Feature Article - Process Reliability and Six-Sigma

This article from Paul Barringer of Barringer & Associates was initially presented at the National Manufacturing week conference in 2000. Six-sigma techniques are concerned about time sequences of data. Weibull analysis looks at the output in a random manner where time sequence of data is not so important. The methods are different-but complementary, and this article discusses these points. You can read the article at Once again, you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed to be able to view this file.

Feature Article - Tough Choices

This article is is offered by Christer Idhammar of IDCON, Inc.. The figures in this article describe an actual case where a pulp mill decided to do whatever it took to cut costs - mainly through maintenance cutbacks - and the consequential impact on the financial performance of the mill. You can read the full article at

Survey Results - Condition Monitoring and NDT Practices

This survey was conducted between March 15 and May 25 this year, with valid responses received from 70 participants. The full results of the survey can be found at The key findings from this survey are:

  • Overall, most respondents use a wide variety of condition monitoring technologies
  • The most commonly used techniques were Human Senses (look, feel, smell, listen etc.), Vibration Analysis and Oil Analysis
  • Human Senses, Vibration Monitoring and Motor Current analysis techniques are most likely to be applied by In-house employees, with oil analysis most likely to be performed by contractors.
  • All techiques are considered to provide some benefits, but the greatest benefits are considered to have been obtained from the use of Human Senses, Vibration Analysis and Infra-red Thermographic techniques.

Current Survey - TPM Implementation

Is your organization implementing (or has it implemented) Total Productive Maintenance? Has it been successful? What factors have led to your success (or failure)? Let us know in this survey which will remain open until July 15, 2002. You can complete the survey, or view the results to date at

Recommended Books

View our current Top 5 recommended books, and the current Top Ten Best Selling Maintenance Books at This list has recently been updated.

On the Lighter Side - Engineering Humor

Engineer Identification Test

You walk into a room and notice that a picture is hanging crooked. You.

  1. Straighten it.
  2. Ignore it.
  3. Buy a CAD system and spend the next six months designing a
  4. solar-powered, self-adjusting picture frame while often stating
  5. aloud your belief that the inventor of the nail was a total moron.

The correct answer is "C" but partial credit can be given to anybody who writes "It depends" in the margin of the test or simply blames the whole stupid thing on "Marketing."

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. All feedback, comments and contributions to future editions are very welcome (as are enquiries about contributions to, and sponsorship of, this newsletter).

Alexander (Sandy) Dunn
Plant Maintenance Resource Center

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