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Maintenance Engineering Handbook
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Maintenance Engineering Handbook

By: Lindley R. Higgins, Dale P. Brautigam, R. Keith Mobley (Editor)

Published by: McGraw Hill Text
5th Edition
Publication Date: September 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 2.01 x 9.57 x 7.69
ISBN: 0070288119

Generations of engineers and managers have turned to this popular handbook for expert guidance on maintenance for all types of facilities, including industrial plants, power generating stations, refineries, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. Now revised and updated with 40% new material, the Fifth Edition offers you detailed information on every aspect of maintenance engineering - from new technical advances to maintaining the latest machinery. You'll find practical advice from 55 specialists on the organization and management of the maintenance function ... establishing costs and controls ... maintenance of plant facilities ... sanitation and housekeeping ... maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment ... and maintenance of service equipment. The Fifth Edition also discusses new ways of using computers to manage maintenance procedures for machinery, physical plant, and fixed support service - and presents all-new material on lubrication, instruments and vibration, and chemical corrosion control and cleaning. Whether you're a plant engineer, facilities manager, or maintenance engineer, this updated handbook will give you the on-the-job information and skills needed to solve virtually any maintenance problem!

Table of Contents

Reference Tables
Sect. 1. Organization and Management of the Maintenance Function
Ch. 1. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Maintenance
By Lindley R. Higgins
Ch. 2. Operating Policies by which Maintenance Should Be Guided
By Charles E. Knight
Ch. 3. Operating Policies to Reduce Maintenance Work
By James D. Quinn
Ch. 4. Reports from Maintenance
By Ernest S. Beachley
Ch. 5. Area and Centralized Maintenance Control
By Joseph McGuen
Ch. 6. Incentive Payment of Maintenance Workers
By W. Colebrook Cooling
Sect. 2. Establishing the Costs and Controls of Maintenance
Ch. 1. Work Measurement
By W. Colebrook Cooling
Ch. 2. Rating and Evaluating Maintenance Workers
By Frank Halchin
Ch. 3. Work Simplification in Maintenance
By Raymond I. Reul
Ch. 4. Estimating Repair and Maintenance Costs
By Nicholas Fostar
Ch. 5. Small-Plant Maintenance Control
By W. Colebrook Cooling
Ch. 6. Maintenance Stores and Inventory Control
By John C. Martin
Ch. 7. Maintenance Stores
By John C. Martin
Sect. 3. The Horizons of Maintenance Management
Ch. 1. Corrective Maintenance
By R. Keith Mobley
Ch. 2. Predictive Maintenance
By R. Keith Mobley
Ch. 3. An Introduction to the Computer in Maintenance
By Craig S. Atwater
Ch. 4. Computerized Planning and Scheduling
By Richard Davies
Ch. 5. New Horizons of Maintenance Stores and Inventory Control
By Ann Voll
Ch. 6. A Directory of Computer Terminology
By Joseph A. MacDonald
Sect. 4. Maintenance of Plant Facilities
Ch. 1. Low-Sloped Membrane Roofs
By Donald R. Mapes, Dennis J. McNeil
Ch. 2. Concrete Industrial Floor Surfaces: Design, Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
By Robert F. Ytterberg
Ch. 3. Painting and Protective Coatings
By Bryant (Web) Chandler
Ch. 4. Maintenance and Cleaning of Brick Masonry Structures
By Brian E. Trimble
Ch. 5. Maintenance of Elevators and Special Lifts
By Jerry Robertson
Sect. 5. Sanitation and Housekeeping
Ch. 1. Organizing the Sanitation-Housekeeping Personnel
By Mohe H. Solworth, Carl L. Hagan
Ch. 2. Maintaining Plant Sanitation and Housekeeping
By Mohe H. Solworth, Carl L. Hagan
Ch. 3. Industrial Housekeeping
By Carl L. Hagan
Ch. 4. Cleaning Industrial Plant Offices
By Gorman Sterzinger, Carl L. Hagan
Sect. 6. Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
Ch. 1. Plain Bearings
By William A. Yahraus, George R. Kingsbury
Ch. 2. Rolling Bearings
By Daniel R. Snyder
Ch. 3. Flexible Couplings for Power Transmission
By Donald B. Cutler
Ch. 4. Chains for Power Transmission
By Frank B. Kempf
Ch. 5. Cranes: Overhead and Gantry
By William S. Chapin
Ch. 6. Chain Hoists
By R. C. Dearstyne
Ch. 7. Belt Drives
By Tom Lovin
Ch. 8. Mechanical Variable-Speed Drives
By Edward F. Crome, Jr.
Ch. 9. Gear Drives and Speed Reducers
By Robert G. Smith
Sect. 7. Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
Ch. 1. Electric Motors
By A. F. Ohnacker, James S. Bowers, Frank W. Ceney
Ch. 2. Maintenance of Motor Control Components
By Kenneth L. Paape
Ch. 3. Maintenance of Industrial Batteries
By Richard L. Kreutzfeldt
Ch. 4. Illumination
By Berlon C. Cooper
Contributors: Philips Lighting Co.
Sect. 8. Maintenance of Service Equipment
Ch. 1. Air-Conditioning Equipment
By Martin A. Scicchitano
Ch. 2. Ventilating Fans and Exhaust Systems
By Richard P. Wojcik
Ch. 3. Dust-Collecting and Air-Cleaning Equipment
By Lee Twombly, Samuel G. Dunkle
Ch. 4. Reciprocating Air Compressors
By M. F. Baecker
Ch. 5. Valves
By Joseph J. Haddad
Ch. 6. Piping
By Tyler G. Hicks
Ch. 7. Scaffolds and Ladders
By Colin P. Bennett
Sect. 9. Lubrication
Ch. 1. Science and Technology of Lubrication
By Dale P. Brautigam
Ch. 2. Organization and Management of Lubrication
By F. Alverson, T. C. Mead, W. H. Stein, A. C. White
Ch. 3. Basic Functions, Types, and Terminology of Lubrication
By Dale P. Brautigam
Ch. 4. The Science and Technology of Lubrication
By F. Alverson, T. C. Mead, W. H. Stein, A. C. White
Ch. 5. Lubricating Devices and Systems
By Duane C. Allen, Dale P. Brautigam
Ch. 6. Additional Lubricants
By Dale P. Brautigam
Sect. 10. Instruments and Vibration
Ch. 1. Mechanical Instruments for Measuring Vibration
By R. Keith Mobley
Ch. 2. Electrical Instruments for Measuring, Servicing, and Testing
By R. Keith Mobley
Ch. 3. Vibration: Its Analysis and Correction
By R. Keith Mobley
Sect. 11. Maintenance Welding
Ch. 1. Arc Welding in Maintenance
By J. E. Hinkel
Ch. 2. Gas Welding in Maintenance
Contributors: Engineers of L-TEC Welding and Cutting Systems
Sect. 12. Chemical Corrosion Control and Cleaning
Ch. 1. Corrosion Control
By Denny Bardoliwalla, Klaus Wittel
Ch. 2. Industrial Chemical Cleaning
By Robert Haydu, W. Emerson Brantley III, Jerry Casenheiser

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