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Articles on Tribology and Oil Analysis

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Application of Dempster-Shafer Theory to Oil Monitoring In order to solve the problem of diagnosing wear in tribosystem, evidence theory of Dampster-shafer is applied to realize the information fusion of multi-parameter in oil monitoring
Ball bearing lubrication in centrifugal pumps It turns out that bearings fail for two main reasons: Contamination of the bearing oil by water or moisture or High heat often caused by too much lubrication
Bearing Failures Dry Up at Weyerhaeuser
Case Study: Effective Fluid Management Delivers Big Time at the Port of Tacoma
Case Study: Putting Onsite Oil Analysis to Work at Southern California Edison
Charting the Roadmap to Success
Clean Oil Sampling: How to Sample Oil Without Opening the Bottle
Condition Monitoring in the 21st Century This article outlines some of the key business opportunities and issues which are driving change in the industry, summarises some of the resulting trends, and then draws some conclusions regarding the implications of these trends for Condition Monitoring equipment manufacturers and suppliers, Condition Monitoring contractors, and organisations employing Condition Monitoring techniques
Contact Memory - A New Tool for Managing Lubrication and Oil Analysis Activities
Contamination Monitoring For Maximum Uptime
Defining and Executing Excellence in Lubrication
Defining And Maintaining Fluid Cleanliness For Maximum Hydraulic Component Life This article, an extract from the first chapter of Brendan Casey's excellent book "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics" gives some highly practical tips for extending the life of, and increasing the reliability of, your hydraulic systems. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Diagnosing a Low-Speed Gearbox Problem: A PREDICT/DLI Case History - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Effective filtration and analysis of oils in mechanical systems can extend equipment life and reduce operating costs
Evaluating A Rotary Screw Lubricant Before You Buy The goal of this article is two-fold; First, to outline what tests should be included on a product data sheet for an air compressor lubricant, secondly, to define each of these tests and associate them to what primary function they effect in regard to performance in a rotary screw compressor. Iíll also present to you some additional screening tests that pertain to this application. The KISS method is used throughout this paper. The KISS method, if you donít already know, stands for, keep it simple-son. That works for me, hopefully it will work for you too!!
Exterminate Lubrication Problems An enormous amount of productivity is lost because the correct oil or grease is not properly installed at the right time. Lubrication is a critical responsibility, but in many organizations effective techniques and the technicians who know and do them get little respect. Building the role of lubrication experts -- your "men in black" -- is a relatively low-cost way to materially improve reliability.
Failure Analysis: Lubrication How to diagnose lubrication failures in bearings
Grease Analysis, Monitoring Grease Serviceability and Bearing Condition - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
How Rewarding is Your Lubrication Program?
How To Lube Up Your FMEA Process Get specific about lubrication related problems to step up reliability and achieve lubrication excellence
Increasing Accuracy in Lubrication Testing Creating ideal conditions for lubricant sampling will help eliminate misleading results.
Increasing Reliability through Oil Analysis Oil Analysis can be a powerful tool to improve equipment reliability - but only if you ensure that the correct oil analysis test are performed, and only if you then take the appropriate corrective action.
Integrating Vibration, Motor Current, and Wear Particle Analysis with Machine Operating State for On-line Machinery Prognostics/ Diagnostics Systems (MPROS) - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Let's Integrate Oil Analysis and Vibration Analysis
Maximize Oil Analysis Data Density With Correctly Located Sample Points
Mindconnection's Information Connection: Grease Compatibility Chart
Oil Analysis Statistics Show Frequencies of Common Problems
Oil Analysis Success at a Power Generation Station
Oil Mist Makes Oil Analysis Unnecessary The whole area of lubrication remains an unchartered frontier for many industries and plants. Some are still performing the lubrication function pretty much as it was done at the beginning of the industrial revolution. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Optimizing the Quality of Data During Oil Sampling
Physical and Chemical Properties of Mineral Oils That Affect Lubrication Recognition of these properties is useful for designing lubrication systems, choosing lubricating oils, diagnosing lubrication, friction and wear problems, and selecting appropriate testing methods
Reliability Engineering Snapshot - Lubrication When an oil vendor promises that their open gear lubricant can handle any environment, they mean it; but can the gear handle it too? Beware of contamination.
Reliability-Centered Maintenance and its Meaning to the Oil Analysis Professional
Sampling Procedures Build a Solid Foundation for Oil Analysis Success
Scanning Electron Microscope Practical Applications in Tribology - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Silicon...Enemy Number 1
Solving the Maintenance Challenge in Wind Power The maintenance of wind turbines is always a concern - not only because of their growing remote locations, but the high cost and degree of difficulty in reaching the nacelle. This article describes how Balanced Charge Purificationtm (BCP) can be used for these turbines to extend lubricating oil and gearbox life.
Spectroscopy for Large Particle Measurement
The First Step to Contamination Control is a Clean New Oil Supply
The Hidden Cost of Oil Changes It turns out that hidden costs can outweigh the acquisition cost for industrial lubricating oils.
The Role of Oil Analysis Within an Asset Optimization Program
The Three Dimensions of Fluid Condition Management
The Visual Crackle - A New Twist to an Old Technique
Understanding Paper Machine Oil Deposits
Understanding the Basics of Grease Since lubricating oil can oxidize, so can the base oil in grease. When the grease oxidizes, it usually darkens; there is a build-up of acidic oxidation products, just as in other lubrications. These products can have a destructive effect on the thickener, causing softening, oil bleeding, and leakage. Because grease does not conduct heat easily, serious oxidation can begin at a hot point and spread slowly through the grease. This produces carbonization and progressive hardening or crust formation. All things considered the effects of oxidation is more harmful in grease than in oil.
Using Oil Analysis to Monitor the Depletion of Defoamant Additives
Using Oil Color as a Field Test
What Particles Mean and Why They Need to be Monitored and Controlled
Why Oil Analysis Should Be Performed On-Site
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy - The Next Generation of Wear Debris Analysis

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