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Articles on Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

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2004 CMMS Implementation Benchmarking Survey The results of the 2004 CMMS Implementation Benchmarking survey conducted by the Plant Maintenance Resource Center
50 Questions to Help Your CMMS Search by Joel Levitt
ADC for Maintenance Management Automatic data collection technologies are ready to enhance data entry for the information-driven maintenance organization
Adding Enterprise Analytics To Your ERP Few companies have been able to unlock the information that could help them make faster and more accurate business decisions from within the mass of data collected and stored in their ERP environments. This article explains some of the reasons for this, and outlines a possible way of better turning data into information - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
An Impartial View of CMMS Functions, Selection and Implementation A great article about the basics of CMMS for beginners and experienced Maintenance professionals alike
Barcoding for Beginners An introduction to barcoding technology - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Calculating the Savings from Implementation of CMMS This article attempts to answer the following questions: What is the goal of our CMMS implementation? How will it assist us? What are the real expectations of a CMMS implementation?
Captured by Data When maintenance policy designers begin to develop a management program they are almost always confronted with a lack of reliable data to base their judgments on. How do we make use of the data stored in our Enterprise Asset Management Systems?
Captured by Data Since the late 1980ís EAM vendors throughout the world have pitched their products based partly on the ability to capture, manipulate, and analyze, historical failure data. Part of the stated benefits case is often the ability to highlight the causes for poor performing assets, provide the volume and quality of information for determining how best to manage the assets, and informing decisions regarding end-of-life and other investment points.If we want to understand the validity of this line of thinking it is necessary to first explore the aims of maintenance, and how asset data can be used to further those aims. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Closing the GAP in Maintenance Systems Using AMPR A company called Strike in Johannesburg, South Africa has taken their protection and metering equipment into a new level by auto populating the event alarm codes directly into any CMMS or SCADA system using an AMPR (auto meter and protection reading) system. This means that failure codes will be auto populated into a CMMS with a much higher accuracy level than ever before. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Closing the GAP in Maintenance Systems Using AMPR A company called Strike in Johannesburg, South Africa has taken their protection and metering equipment into a new level by auto populating the event alarm codes directly into any CMMS or SCADA system
CMMS and Preventive Maintenance A very important part of a cost-effective preventive maintenance program is route-based activity
CMMS Implementation Survey Results - 2000 This article summarises the key findings of a survey regarding CMMS implementation conducted on the Plant Maintenance Resource Center website between June and August 2000.
CMMS Integrated with Facilities Systems
CMMS ROI Justification Request this free article from this link
CMMS Software - Selecting the Right CMMS A few years ago, choosing the right CMMS Software was a much simpler venture. With only a few programs to choose from, you could do minimal research and be on your way to implementing a simple and effective system. But, with the explosion of the maintenance software industry in recent years, selecting your software has become a far more complex task.
CMMS Software for Hire There has been a trend in recent years towards the use of remote software services through Application Service Providers. These are companies who make software applications available via the Internet to users who, rather than buying software, pay rental fees for it. This article from Bryan Weir of Perspective CMMS outlines the advantages, disadvantages, and key aspects to consider when looking at using this type of software - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
CMMS Software Implementation Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can increase your maintenance departmentís efficiency by leaps and bounds. The biggest challenge facing a maintenance department with a newly acquired CMMS is the prospect of implementation. Many larger corporations will bring in a consultant to take care of implementation of their preventive maintenance software. This is the fastest way to get your software up and running, but it is also the most costly. For maintenance departments looking for a more economical approach to implementation, they must take on this challenging task themselves.
CMMS Software Work Order Coding This article provides guidelines on the selection and structure of the codes and categories that CMMS Software work order systems use to filter and sort backlogs of work.
Common-Sense CMMS A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is an essential operational and management tool for managing asset preservation, ensuring that production systems operate as required, and minimizing downtime. An effective CMMS should be able to support these functions by automating administrative tasks, as well as by gathering relevant information in order to perform this processes. A CMMS also needs to be able to develop and manage a strategic plan for proper maintenance, replacement, and upgrade of major assets.
Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS) In Support of Planning, Scheduling, and Coordination Effective planning, coordination, and scheduling of the maintenance function can be, and for many years was, accomplished without computer support. However, in these days of high technology and rapid, economical data communication, job preparation is accomplished far more efficiently with the support of a sound Computerized Maintenance Information Management System (CMMIS). - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Criteria for CMMS to Satisfy Facility Reliability Needs
Critical Component of the CMMS: The Repair Work Order The better and more consistently recording of repair activities is done, the greater potential for yielding greater and more specific information about an operation
Define the Need Before Software Installation Vital step can save rework and stress
Developing CMMS Implementation Templates CMMS implementations follow basically the same course every time. Most times there is an attempt to re-invent much of the approach. However, in general, the majority of the information required to set up the system will remain similar.
Developing Your CMMS/EAM as a True Maintenance Business Management System - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Document Explaining how to Define Assets Request this free article from this link
Document Explaining how to Define Locations Request this free article from this link
EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) "Magic Quadrants" from the Gartner Group Analysis of the EAM market as at Q2, 2000
Effective CMMS Project Planning CMMS implementation project obstacles can be overcome. By following five key principles of project management, the CMMS Project Manager can, in fact, avoid all of the obstacles listed below. The Project Manager must be reliable, responsive, have empathy, and be willing to help and provide quick service and submit deliverables on schedule. These factors will succumb to never having to resort to making excuses
Failure Codes and their use Request this free article from this link
Handhelds Speed Work at Corning Cable Systems
How to Avoid Becoming Another CMMS Implementation Failure Statistic The intent of this article is to provide a high-level perspective on a few of the key issues that should be a focus as you evaluate, select and prepare to implement a CMMS package.
Implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System - Why Most CMMS Implementations Fail to Provide the Promised Benefits
Implementing Information Systems, from Utopia to Reality This paper approaches some of the typical problems using information technologies (IT) and discusses some unfortunate cases in the implementation of such and tries to arrive at the roots of the problems. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Implementing Information Systems, from utopia to reality
Improve Reliability With Mobile, Wireless Workflow Technology Progressive organizations are using mobile, wireless workflow technology to streamline their process and maximize equipment reliability
Integrating CMMS with Predictive Maintenance Software - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Ivara EXP Supports AP-913 Compliance at SONGS San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) in San Diego County, California, is one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the U.S. employing more than 2,000 people. One of the primary industry standards adhered to by SONGS to ensure equipment reliability is AP-913. AP-913 is an equipment reliability process description established by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Leadership and the SAP Plant Maintenance Tool Using a software package to administer maintenance activities is nothing new to most of us. As a matter of fact, the vast majority are experiencing our second implementation of the latest and greatest CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System).
Maintenance Control - from Zero to Hero Even when a company has both the will and the money to spend, it is difficult to know where to start when considering the implementation of maintenance management systems. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Managing Maintenance as a Business Starting from the viewpoint that Maintenance is a Business (in fact a service business), this article outlines the key elements involved in successfully managing that business, including Determining a Maintenance Philosophy, Defining a Mission and Objectives, Organizing the Business, and Measuring Business Performance. It suggests some strategies for success, and how a CMMS may assist in achieving this success. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Maximizing Your Prism4 CMMS Data Assets
Maximum CMMS Optimizing use of the CMMS requires a different approach than performing the initial system installation and configuration, and this paper from Dave Bertolinit of Life Cycle Engineering Inc. gives some tips on how to go about this important activity.
Monitor Sold Separately Navigating todayís acquisition of plant maintenance decision support software offerings requires a three dimensional map. An analysis of the low priced software, the newest no-priced software, and overall CMMS value analysis as a whole; what applications & Internet-Based Resources for maintenance should contain. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Prudent Approach to CMMS Request this free article from this link
Radio Frequency Identification Although radio frequency identification (RFID) has been used since World War II, employing it to track physical objects is a recent development. RFID technology is used in many applications and industries to track assets, monitor performance and provide real time data for business management. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Reliability Driven Maintenance--Closing the CMMS "Value Gap"? Although enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software continue to grab headlines as a realistic way to reduce expenses and increase revenues, the growing pressure for improving customer responsiveness and profits has lately pretty much changed the traditional role of asset management.
Selecting the Right CMMS Selecting a CMMS can be one of the most challenging efforts for a maintenance organization. If you are looking for the right CMMS for your facility, you must have a plan and you need to know what you want the CMMS to do for your organization. Hundreds of CMMS products are on the market, and your decision will affect your organization for many years. This article explains the steps to ensure that your CMMS selection process is successful, and provides you with the proper tools to achieve Maintenance Excellence.
SFI Group System - A system for classification of technical and economic ship information SFI Group System is the most used classification system for the maritime and offshore industry worldwide. It is an international standard which provides a highly functional subdivision of technical and financial ship or rig information. SFI consists of a technical account structure covering all aspects of ship/rig specification, and it can be used as a basic standard for all systems in the shipping/offshore industry. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Sludge - Avoiding Mismanagement of Warranty and Insurance Claims A CMMS worth its salt should treat Warranty & Policy Claims Receivable as just that, monies owed to your organization. The system should provide conventions for recording Warranty & Policy Claims directly from a maintenance work order to Warranty & Policy Claims Receivable, and/or generating a debit memo to Accounts Payable, to the vendorís account. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
The Future of CMMS
The Golden Age of Enterprise Asset Management Iíve got to tell you Iím excited about the current situation in Enterprise Asset Management. I feel from watching things and talking to customers that we, as a community, might be right on the cusp of taking maintenance to the next level.
The importance of Administration and Training in your CMMS Implementation Although there are many important factors leading to successful implementation, today we will discuss two that work well in manufacturing and facility operations: administration and training. These are two areas that often do not garner commitment of necessary resources to the ongoing upkeep of the maintenance system. In other words, proper training and administration are the preventive maintenance that maintains the CMMS/EAM. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
The Power of Good Information Information is a necessary part of survival -it is power. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
The Role of CMMS This white paper on the selection and implementation of computerized maintenance management systems is offered by Mike Crain of Northern Digital, Inc., and provides solid, practical advice for those considering implementing a CMMS
The Role of Information Technology in Plant Reliability The role of information technology is critical for maintenance optimization because it relies on the ability of the plant personnel to bring all data together in a coherent fashion for optimum analysis and decision-making. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Too Small For A CMMS? Think Again Many smaller companies feel maintenance management software is overkill for their organizations. Nothing could be further from the truth
Understanding the Concepts of MRPII/ERP The purpose of this series of articles is to contribute a review and analysis of the following questions: What are MRPII/ERP software solutions? Do we completely understand what this system is designed to? Is it really what we are looking for? Is our company prepared to start using it?
Using an Internet Delivered CMMS to Build a Foundation for Improving Equipment Reliability This paper presents a case study of the approach taken by one company to integrate several divergent systems into a state of the art CMMS, hosted and delivered by a Managed Service Provider (MSP). With careful attention to detail, they built a strong foundation for improving both equipment reliability and the efficiency of the maintenance workforce while minimizing up-front software acquisition and ongoing support costs. Although the focus of the CMMS implementation project was support of the maintenance and materials departments, the unique technical aspects of the project will be a large part of this discussion.
Using Speech Recognition To Increase Maintenance Management Efficiency
Utilizing Real-Time Information in Enterprise Asset Management Systems One of the keys to improving maintenance is the proper and intelligent use of asset information that lies locked away within the minds of a retiring workforce and within the various control systems and data warehouses common in industry. Today data is collected and stored for everything from critical process equipment, to mobile units, to facilities assets. This data typically resides at the operations level of many organizations. To realize the value this data can provide, the bridge between Operations and Maintenance needs to be built. Only when this is achieved can maintenance activities be optimized and taken to the next level
Who Took the MM Out of My CMMS? CMMS are more complex and capable than ever before, but too often, the main reason for making the purchase "maintenance management" is leaving managers dissatisfied. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Work Flow Concepts
Work Order Priorities Request this free article from this link
Workforce Automation: Mobile Computing for Asset Management Automating workflow activity through the deployment of handheld computers represents the best use of technology to increase productivity. The convergence of more powerful, lightweight palmtop PCs and intelligent software creates an opportunity for organizations to eliminate paperwork, arm technicians with more information at the point of performance, and capture work completion data for enhanced management functions. This presentation will explore the opportunities for dramatic productivity gains associated with mobile computing, including the immediate benefits of eliminating paperwork and increasing data collection to drive reliability-based asset protection programs

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